“Gruchow’s Prairie”

In 1982, Deanna produced Gruchow’s Prarie, a profile of writer Paul Gruchow,  shot in Western Minnesota.

“Nuclear Outpost”

In the early 80s, Deanna walked into the New York City office of Barbara London, Founder of the Video Collection & MoMA curator.

“She was very excited, she was working with Minneapolis TV then, she was very excited to tell me about her new work, Nuclear Outpost, so I immediately responded to this doer, an artist who looked at the big picture, but even more importantly operated on a very human level.” -Barbara London

In 1984, Deanna’s Nuclear Outpost was featured in an exhibition entitled Video Recent NonFiction. It presented short stories about contemporary Russian, Israel, and American life.

“Mickey’s Diner”

1985: Deanna produced a documentary titled Mickey’s Diner about a local dive with colorful regulars in St. Paul Minnesota.

“Boys with Bats

Deanna’s 1986 documentary film produced by KTCA-TV in Saint Paul, MN, Boys with Bats documented the relationship between Baseball fans and the beloved, All-American sport.

Twin Cities Public Television, Inc., 1985, KTCA-TV, Saint, MN

“Lessons from an American Primary”

Deanna produced an indie documentary about the remarkable 2008 presidential run of Howard Dean, titled “Dean and Me: Roadshow of an American Primary.”

Part time capsule, part cautionary tale — ‘Lessons from an American Primary’ is a documentary about how Americans and their media go about electing a president. The film begins in 2003, but the story it tells takes on new meaning as we head into election year 2016.

Directed by Heath Eiden & Produced by Iris Cahn, Heath Eiden and Deanna Kamiel

Films – Selected                                                         

Newsstand, work-in-progress                                                  

Dean and Me: Roadshow of An American Primary, 2008, 83 min:

The Writer, The Pope and The Supermodel, 2006, 6 min.                     

The Strings of Soweto, 2005, 15 min., CBS 60 Minutes II, contributing producer

What’s Up with The Novel and George Plimpton, 2001, WNET City Arts, 8 min.

What Makes It Classical?, 2000, 7.40 min. WNET City Arts                                 

Boys with Bats, 1986, 1989, 29.40 min. PBS, KTCA, Twin Cities Public TV

Maggie and The Men of Minnesota, 1986, 40 min., PBS, KTCA TV                      

Milgrom’s Obsession, 1985, 15 min., PBS, KTCA TV

 Nuclear Outpost, PBS, KTCA TV, 1984, 1987, 29 min., KTCA TV                       

Mickey’s Diner, 1985, 9 min., PBS, KTCA TV                                                 

A Romantic Education: Patricia Hampl, writer. 1984, 11 min., KTCA TV

Joseph Mankiewicz Talks, 1984, 9 min., KTCA TV

Jonathan Demme and Howard Hughes, 1983, 11 min., KTCA TV

William Wegman, 1983, 8 min., KTCA TV                                           

Adoption, 1983, 10 min., KTCA TV                                                               

The Life: Sex Workers, profile, 1983, 11 min., KTCA TV

The Bank and The Railroad, 1982, 9 min., KTCA TV, investigative 

Godard, 1982, 9 min., KTCA TV                                                                      

Prairie: Poet Paul Gruchow, 1982, 8 min., PBS, KTCA TV

Storyteller: Diane Wolkstein, 1979, 29 min., CBC, Take 30                                  

Folklorist, 1978, 29 min., CBC, Take 30                                            

Shop of Fish, 1978, 29 min., CBC Take 30

Television & Series                                                                                                    

60 Minutes II, CBS, Strings of Soweto, (Contributing Producer for Bob Simon), 2005

WNET/Thirteen, City Arts, 1999-2001     

PBS National Broadcasts, 1983-1989                                              

BBC2 “First Films”, 1986                                             

PBS, Twin Cities Public Television, 1980-1992

CBC, 1973-1980                                                                                       

Take 30, Women Now, Barbara Frum’s Journal, Weekend//Fifth Estate

The Journal with Peter Gzowski, 1978-79, 27.50 min., CBC/CBLT, Toronto, writer/producer                                                           

Barbara Frum’s Journal, 1976-77, 27.50 min., CBC/CBLT, Toronto, writer/producer                                                 

Women Now, 1974-1976, 27.50 min., CBC/CBLT, Toronto, writer/producer                             

Fifth Estate/Weekend, 1973-74, CBC, Toronto, story editor

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